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Many users of the eToro platform will be familiar with the fact that there are still a large number of stocks unavailable to trade on the platform. I would hazard a guess you have used screeners, and over half the results are essentially useless to you. This is time consuming to sift through and frustrating right?


  • EVERY TICKER on this site can be found on eToro.

  • You can screen a full list of eToro stocks and find exactly what you are looking for; like the lowest PE ratio stock, or stocks with the highest gross margins, for example. Our advanced screener includes more metrics & so better insight for our users, with more features coming in the future.

  • KEEPING YOU INFORMED; eToro doesn't always do the best job at keeping its users informed on asset changes, leaving you unaware of new stocks they have made available to trade. As a subscriber you have access to PRIORITY UPDATES on asset changes. You get the first heads up when we find eToro added new stocks, made an IPO available, removed something or changed a ticker. You will always know exactly what is going on.

  • BEAT THE MARKET. You get access to the Magic Formula, which aims to beat the S&P over a number of years. Following a similar formula to Joel Greenblatt's, but with an emphasis on long running metrics and financial analysis. This formula is currently in use by our pi account Beatthemarketz with promising results.

On top of this, all users get access to TOP ECONOMIC STORIES & EVENTS, helping you stay up to date with possible market moving information, plus an earnings calendar specific to eToro stocks, featuring some useful metrics.

And because you should get to try this out before paying for anything, you get a COMPLETELY FREE 7 day trial period on sign up. If you don't like our services, easily cancel within 7 days and no payment will be taken. 

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